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Finns Party: Migrants coming from Sweden should be refused entry

The Finns Party parliamentary group says that an uncontrolled flow of immigrants is in nobody's interest, and that migrants arriving in Finland from Sweden should be turned back.

Irakilaismiehet odottivat maanantaina Kemiin lähtevää linja-autoa matkakeskuksessa Ruotsin rajalla.
Iraqi men waiting for a bus service to take them to Kemi from the Swedish border. Image: Minna Rinta-Tassi / Yle

The parliamentary group of the populist Finns Party demands that asylum-seekers coming into Finland through Sweden should be turned back at the border.

Group chair Sampo Terho said in a statement on Monday that joint immigration policy has been left floating "because the Dublin Regulation is no longer upheld in Europe". The regulation determines the EU member state that is responsible for handling asylum requests, usually the first country the applicant arrives in.

"It is time to recognise the facts and get to work," Terho wrote. "We must turn back those asylum-seekers trying to enter Finland through Sweden and advise them to seek asylum in the Schengen Area country where they first arrived."

The parliamentary group says that Finland must shoulder its responsibility in the refugee crisis, which it says has been fulfilled in the form of refugee quotas.

"The current uncontrolled flow of immigrants does not work and is not in anyone's best interest," the group release reads.

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