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Finns Party: No extra cuts over migrant crisis

Finns Party parliamentary group chair Sampo Terho says that a one-time loan would trump further savings cuts in funding the cost of the asylum-seeker crisis.

Sampo Terho Ykkösaamussa.
Finns Party parliamentary group chair Sampo Terho on TV1's morning politics show on Saturday. Image: Yle

The populist, anti-immigration Finns Party does not condone the idea of increased savings measures in dealing with Finland's accrued costs in the ongoing asylum-seeker crisis, the party's parliamentary group leader Sampo Terho said on TV1's morning programme.

"These costs need to be steered outside of existing spending limits," said Terho, who says that agreed-upon cuts still need to be adhered to. "This is important for our country's social harmony."

The Finns Party holds that the expenses resulting from the migrant crisis could be covered with a one-time loan, while increased taxation could also be an option.

Terho says he would prefer a loan over added taxes, and that he believes the government will reach an accord despite the thorny nature of the issue.

Responding to queries on his party's support figures, Terho said that new parties often face see-sawing approval ratings.

Terho's counterpart, Social Democratic Party parliamentary group chair Antti Lindtman was reached via phone during the TV1 interview. Lindtman echoed Terho's cost-steering views, and said that the Finns Party has done better than either the Centre Party or the National Coalition Party during its term in the coalition government.

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