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Finns Put High Priority on Positive Atmosphere at Work

Working Finns put a high priority on feeling that their work has a purpose. According to a fresh study by the Ministry of Labour, Finns like to feel that they are implementing their personalities and their thoughts in their jobs.

On the grading scale used in Finnish schools, where the highest grade is a ten, and the lowest is a four, Finnish wage earners give their jobs an average grade of 7.6, suggesting that they are relatively pleased with their jobs. The higher the rank that an employee has in the organisation, the more positive the attitude toward the work.

Only two percent of managers had a negative view of their jobs. Women working at municipal jobs tended to have the most positive views of the importance of their work. However, they were the most likely to suffer from inadequate personnel resources and other cost-cutting measures.

In spite of an increased use of working in teams, and other alternate organisational concepts, many Finnish workplaces continue to suffer from what personnel see as poor management. There are complaints of bureaucratic and even humiliating management styles.

Employees at workplaces where these kinds of complaints are common generally feel a great sense of malaise. At workplaces where management is given high marks, personnel are typically more satisfied with their work than average.

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