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First Finnish Catholic Bishop in Five Centuries Ordained

Teemu Sippo was ordained as the new Roman Catholic Bishop of the Catholic Church in Finland at Turku Cathedral on Saturday. Teemu Sippo, aged 62, is the first Finnish-born Catholic Bishop since the Reformation.

Piispaksi vihitty isä Teemu Sippo saa Piispan sauvan päävihkijä, kardinaali Karl Lehmannilta. Sauva kuvaa piispan paimenen tehtävää.
Image: YLE

The last Finnish-born bishop was Arvid Kurki, who died in 1522.

Sippo has served as Diocesan administrator since last summer, when the previous bishop, Józef Wróbel, was sent back to his native Poland to serve as an auxiliary bishop.

Pope Benedictus XVI appointed Sippo to the post in June.

Finland is home to only some 10,000 Catholics. The whole country forms one single diocese.

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