First Finnish Ski Pride in April

The popular Ruka ski centre in Kuusamo announces that it will organise a pro-LGBTQ skiing event in mid-April, 2016. In a similar centre in Åre, Sweden rainbow skiing fêtes have been around for years.

The Ruka centre will be the first ski centre in Finland to organise Ski Pride next April. Image: Sauli Antikainen / Yle

In April, 2016 the Ruka ski centre in Kuusamo, northern Finland will organise its first so-called Ski Pride event celebrating sexual and gender equality. In Åre in western Sweden similar events have been around for years.

"We thought about what kind of event we wanted to produce for April, when the skiing conditions are at their best," says Ruka centre regional chief Matti Parviainen.

The idea for an LGBTQ-themed event came up years earlier, but at the time, says Parviainen, they were unable to find viable business partners.

Parviainen says he expects some 500 guests to attend Ski Pride in mid-April. The Ruka centre says that some foreign groups have already signed on.

In addition to concerts and both cross-country and downhill skiing Ski Pride will feature seminars on sexual and gender equality.

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