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First steps towards new combat aircraft purchase

A preliminary report on replacing Finland's aging fleet of F-18 Hornet fighters was turned over to Defense Minister Jussi Niinistö on Thursday.

Suomi etsii seuraajaa Horneteille. Päätös uudesta koneesta tehtäneen vuoden 2019 jälkeen.
Image: Yle

At present, the Finnish Air Force has 62 of the American-made F-18 Hornet jet fighters. Several different aircraft are initially being looked at as replacements.

A working group report turned over to Defense Minister Jussi Niinistö proposes that the Hornets, which will reach the end of their lifecycle in 2030, be replaced by new multirole combat jets.

A decision on the choice of aircraft and their acquisition for the Air Force is likely be made sometime during the term of the next parliament.

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