First winter snows didn't bring expected traffic chaos

Southern Finland did not see the snarled road traffic or spate of accidents Wednesday's snow storm was generally expected to bring. Rail service delays and cancellations affecting both long-distance and commuter trains were attributed to a technical fault, not caused by the weather.

Liikennettä lumipyryssä.
Image: Derrick Frilund / Yle

As of early Wednesday evening, no serious accidents had been reported, despite slippery conditions and poor visibility on roads and highways.

The winter season's first day of snow and blustery winds was a cause of concern for many motorists in southern Finland. But according to Vesa Natunen of the Finnish Transport Agency's Helsinki traffic centre, the weather did not cause any extraordinary problems.

"Drivers clearly knew that the first winter day was coming and were prepared it," Natunen told Yle.

The regional emergency services centre reported that the snowy, windy weather was responsible for only minor rear-end collisions and a few drivers skidding off roads.

Rail problems

The State Railways VR said Wednesday evening that snowy weather had not affected its services.

There were, however, delays of up to an hour for some long-distance trains and reduced commuter services on the Ring Rail Line in the Helsinki region. VR reported that these were the result of damage to a power rail in Vantaa, not because of the weather. The company said that repairs were expected to be completed by midnight.

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