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Follow-Up Study on Nokia Water Crisis

The National Public Health Institute is planning a follow-up survey of the water crisis in the town of Nokia. They will be charting the occurrence of primary and secondary infections caused by the contaminated water, and estimating what the health crisis cost the government.

The Institute, along with local hospital districts and Nokia town authorities, will be carrying out the survey in January. In addition to calculating the costs to health care, the report will also emphasize the importance of vigilant maintenance of the water pipe network.

At the end of November, sewage came into contact with the local drinking water supply. The accident was not immediately discovered, and thousands of people fell ill.

Health Institute chief physician Markku Kuusi says that the study will collect valuable information about the variety of infections caused by the contamination. He believes that the most common secondary disease will turn out to be joint inflammation as a reaction to the presence of intestinal bacteria.

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