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Foreign Ministry recommends passport or ID for travel to Sweden

The Ministry's recommendations follow Sweden’s tightening of border security on the heels of Friday's Stockholm attack when a hijacked truck was driven through a crowded pedestrian street killing four people and injuring fifteen.

matkustajat jonottavat matkavaroineen lentokentällä
Lentomatkan alku on usein täynnä stressiä. Hyvä ennakkovalmistelu ja opasteiden säännöllinen seuraaminen auttavat kuitenkin pitkälle. Image: Daniel Reinhardt / EPA

The Finnish Foreign Ministry is recommending that residents of Finland travelling to Sweden ensure they take their passport or photo identification card with them.

The recommendation follows the announcement by Swedish police that security checks will be tighter along the borders that Sweden shares with other Nordic countries. Friday's terror attack in Stockholm that left four people dead and fifteen injured when a man hijacked a truck and drove it through a crowded pedestrian street has put Sweden on high alert.

Swedish police have a suspect in custody, a 39-year-old man originally from Uzbekistan, who is known to Swedish security police.

Security upped in Finland, too

In Finland, the Finnish Border Guard has also increased security at key points of entry including Helsinki Airport and the ports of Helsinki, Turku and Mariehamn.

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