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Foreign student suspected of murder held on remand in Eastern Finland

A district court in eastern Finland ordered a 20-year-old foreign student to be held on remand on grounds of suspected murder on Friday. Police suspect the man stabbed to death another foreign student in the town of Mikkeli on Wednesday evening.

Etelä-Savon käräjäoikeus
File photo of Eastern Savo District Court. Image: Inka Hannonen / Yle

A 20-year-old foreign man was ordered to be held on remand by Eastern Savo District Court on Friday, in connection to the killing of another foreign student in the town of Mikkeli on Wednesday.

The suspect is being held in remand on grounds of suspected murder and the suspect has admitted to having committed a life-threatening crime during interrogation, according to police.

Both the suspect and the deceased attended the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) at its campus in Mikkeli, the institution confirmed on Thursday.

Victim from Vietnam

Xamk issued a statement that the victim was Vietnamese, but the school's director Heikki Saastamoinen said he did not know the nationality of the suspect.

Police said that the victim and suspect did not know each other for long and apparently were not having a dispute before the fatal incident took place on Wednesday.

However, police said the cause of the death was not related to their nationalities or similar aspects.

The course of Wednesday evening's events, according to police, began in an apartment on Raviradantie road and ended in the flat block's outer corridor, where the victim was discovered.

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