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Foreign visitor numbers up in Finland, average hotel room costs 100 euros

Visits to Finland by foreigners were up in September, with nearly half a million overnight stays recorded. The average price of a hotel room was 100.73 euros.

Turistikaupan täytetty poro Töölössä.
A tourist shop in Töölö, Helsinki. Image: AOP

Finland's tourism industry is booming, with overnight stays by foreign visitors up 11 percent in September compared to 2016. In all Statistics Finland reports that some 471,000 stays were recorded.

Sweden sent the most visitors, with just under 50,000 crossing the Gulf of Bothnia, while Russians made up 43,000 of the visitors and Germans nearly 41,000. The fourth most common nationality among tourists in Finland was Chinese, with Japanese travellers coming fifth.

Hotels' occupancy rate was 59 percent, according to Statistics Finland, with the average price of a room at 100.73 euros.

Including domestic travellers, Finland's hospitality industry recorded some 1.7 million overnight stays in September, an increase of approximately 4.2 percent.

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