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Four-year prison sentence in 5th Oulu child sex abuse case

The victim was 13 years old and the defendant was 25 when the offences were committed.

Oulun oikeustalo ja taustalla sininen taivas.
Image: Wasim Khuzam / Yle

The Oulu district court handed down a four-year prison sentence to a 26-year-old man convicted on three different child sex abuse charges on Thursday. The defendant, Mohamed Ali Osman was convicted for aggravated child sexual abuse, aggravated rape and for enticing a child for the purpose of sexual relations. The court threw out an additional charge of purchasing sex from a minor because of lack of evidence.

The court found that the offences of aggravated child sexual abuse and aggravated rape were committees in August and September last year in a private residence, while the enticement offence occurred later on in October.

According to the court, the defendant and the victim met on Facebook, struck up a friendship and kept in touch using services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. They also met at the defendant’s home on three occasions.

Single victim in eight cases

Thursday’s conviction and sentencing is the fifth in a series of similar cases in which the same 13-year-old girl is believed to have suffered abuse at the hands of eight different foreign-background men between June and October last year. Three additional cases are still to be tried in court.

District prosecutor Pia Mäenpää previously told Yle that there is no evidence to suggest that the suspects abused the victim at the same time and place.

She said that the suspects – some of whom have since been convicted – did not know each other. According to information obtained by Yle, at least three of the suspects are believed to have lived at the same reception centre.

Police previously said that all of the suspects came to Finland as refugees or asylum seekers. Some are quota refugees, others were in the process of seeking asylum, while still others had already received Finnish citizenship.

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