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Four killed in major car crash

Investigations continue into a car accident which killed one woman and three men in Tohmajärvi, eastern Finland on Tuesday evening. The accident happened when two cars collided with each other, several kilometres off the Niirala border crossing point.

Viranomaiset tutkivat onnettomuuspaikkaa Niiralassa.
Image: Pohjois-Karjalan pelastuslaitos

Police say that a car driving from the direction of Niirala started moving erratically and crashed into a car in the oncoming lane. Eyewitnesses say the first car was moving at a fast speed.

Everyone in the swerving car lost their lives, while two men in the oncoming vehicle were injured. An ambulance carried the injured to the North Karelia Central Hospital. Their conditions are not said to be life-threatening.

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