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Four suspects arrested in murder of 34-year-old Turku man

Two young women and two older men have been remanded on suspicion of killing a Turku man at his home.

Turun oikeustalon julkisivu.
The District Court of Southwest Finland Image: Kalle Mäkelä / Yle

The District Court of Southwest Finland have remanded two young women and two older men into custody for the murder of a 34-year-old man last weekend.

The homicide took place at the victim’s private residence in Härkämäki, Turku in southwest Finland, sometime before before 6 pm last Sunday. Härkämäki is in northwest Turku, some 4 km from the city centre.

Police are investigating the case as murder. They have remained tight-lipped about details such as the method and possible motive, saying only that the victim had been subjected to grievous physical violence.

Police took the suspects in custody early Monday morning and formally placed them under arrest on Thursday. That was just before the expiration of the maximum four-day period in which suspects can be held without be remanded.

The detained men are aged 34 and 41, while the women aged 21 and 22.

The ongoing crime investigation will include interrogations, a forensic investigation and a coroner’s inquest.

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