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Fourth man sentenced for smash and grab robbery

A gang got away with 130,000 euros worth of jewellery and watches after a raid in Lappeenranta in 2019.

Kultasepänliikkeeseen murtauduttiin Lappeenrannan keskustassa 11.9.2019.
The men broke into the store in Lappeenranta by smashing a glass door with a sledgehammer. Image: Ville Toijonen/Yle

South Karelia District Court has sentenced a man to almost two years in jail for his part in a 2019 raid on a Lappeenranta jewellery store.

He is the last of four men to be sentenced for involvement in the robbery, which saw the group steal watches and jewellery worth around 130,000 euros and cause roughly 23,000 euros worth of property damage.

They then fled the country, leaving via the Tornio border crossing to Sweden.

The stolen items have never been recovered.

Before the theft took place, the men stole fuel and a car, which was used in the Lappeenranta raid.

On the run

Three of the men later returned to Finland, where they were arrested and sentenced to prison for aggravated theft in February last year.

The final man, who was sentenced on Tuesday, was caught in Hungary in January.

He claimed to have come to Finland to find work in the construction industry, but was found to have been travelling light, without any tools or building equipment.

The court heard how the men carefully planned their journey to and from Finland in order to avoid detection by the Finnish Border Guard, travelling from Romania – which is not part of the passport-free Schengen area – to Poland and then to Sweden, before entering the country via Tornio.

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