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Freed Cuban national volleyballer seeks damages

A Cuban national volleyball player whose rape conviction was overturned earlier this summer is seeking damages from Finland for nearly a year’s wrongful imprisonment.

Kuubalaislentopalloilijat Pirkanmaan käräjäoikeudessa elokuussa 2016.
Five men were jailed over a gang rape in 2016. Image: Kaisu Jansson / Yle

The 22-year-old man’s lawyer tells the Finnish news agency STT that he is seeking 1,000 euros per day that he spent in prison, a total of around 381 000 euros. The man, a former member of the Cuban national team, spent 362 days behind bars. He was jailed along with four teammates following gang rape of a Finnish woman at a Tampere hotel in early July, 2016.

In late June of this year, he was freed by the Turku Appeals Court, which ruled that there was no evidence he had actually taken part in the assault, although he had been present for part of the time.

The freed player’s lawyer says that the sum demanded reflects his loss of a playing contract in Argentina. He and the other players were also kicked off the Cuban national team.

In June the court shortened the four remaining perpetrators’ prison terms. they now range from just over one year to four years.

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