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Friday sees red noses for charity

Yle is leading celebrations of Red Nose Day, a charity event to benefit the education and health of children in developing countries. 

Merirosvo arpinaama ja Noita Nokkonen Peukkulasta
Finland observed Red Nose Day on Friday. Image: Yle

The three-week fundraising drive culminates on Friday evening with a five-hour TV marathon from Tampere featuring celebrities and wacky stunts.

The Red Nose Day tradition, which began in Britain in 1988, has been observed in Finland for six years. Last year donations passed the 2 million euro mark for the first time.

Money raised this year will go to help children in eight African nations as well as Nepal and Bangladesh.

The Red Nose Day telethon airs on Yle TV 2 starting at 7.10pm.

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