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Friday’s papers: It's all about winning - from hockey to literature and the weather

Friday's dailies rejoice over Finland’s last-minute hockey victory against Canada last night, a major international literary prize for Finland-based Arabic writer, and winning warm weather in store for the weekend.

Suomi juhlii maalia Kanadaa vastaan.
Finland's hockey win over Canada last night dominates the press this morning. Image: EPA

While the main Finnish dailies feature coverage of the run-up to Euro Parliament elections that take place at the weekend, major sports and culture news also dominates the pages of the press.

Leading daily broadsheet Helsingin Sanomat leads with Finland’s hockey victory over Canada 3-2 last night, which the paper calls “one of World Cup history’s finest plays,” as Finland scored two goals in the final quarter to snag the win. Team Finland’s Iiro Pakarinen scored the final winning goal with only 3 minutes and 8 seconds left in the game.

Helsingin Sanomat devotes the cover of its culture section to international literary news, as Finland-based Iraqi writer Hassan Blasim became the first Arabic writer to win the prestigious Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in London last night for his second collection of short stories "The Iraqi Christ."

Tampere’s Aamulehti front cover is devoted to Finland's hockey sweep, and a feature profile on prize-winning author Hassam Blasim follows, as the city's Piispala is where the writer lives. Blasim has lived in Finland since 2004 and in addition to having published several critically acclaimed books he is also a filmmaker who has made some short films for Yle.

The tabloid Ilta-Sanomat devotes its cover to the ice hockey win with a headline “Surprise Hero” referring to Iiro Pakarinen’s goal just before the end of the game that led to Finland’s defeat of Canada.

With very warm weather in store for the weekend, Ilta-Sanomat features its traditional heatwave map, that shows which parts of the country will reach +30 degrees Celsius. Apparently good weather is also a victory.

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