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Fujitsu Finland to slash headcount by 140

IT hardware and services company Fujitsu Finland announced Thursday that a corporate restructuring exercise is likely to result in the elimination of up to 140 jobs.

Fujitsun logo tietokoneen kyljessä.
Fujitsu Finland is to begin employer-employee negotiations from next week. Image: Mauritz Antin / EPA

Fujitsu Finland said Thursday that it will begin retrenchment talks following plans to restructure the organisation.

The negotiations, which are due to start next week, involve a total of 800 employees, and the company said that it would reduce the payroll by up to 140 jobs this year.

The IT hardware and services company stated that the restructuring was the result of closer cooperation with other global service centres.

The employer-employee talks will focus mainly on IT infrastructure positions in its Managed Infrastructure Services business unit, and will not affect employees working for its support, maintenance or Service Desk operations.

The company's applications division will be excluded entirely from the restructuring exercise.

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