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Gallery: Shards of ice pile up on shore of Finnish lake

The effect is caused by strong winds pushing the thinning masses of ice towards the lake shore.

Säkylän Pyhäjärvellä jäät nousivat rantaan.
Piles of ice on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi in southwestern Finland. Image: Paavo Valtanen

Strong winds have created a picturesque wall of ice on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi, near the municipality of Säkylä in the southwestern region of Satakunta.

The phenomenon is caused by a band of low pressure that has intensified the south-westerly winds over the Gulf of Bothnia, pushing the ice onto the shore, according to Yle Meteorologist Matti Huutonen.

"As the ice thins, the wind has been able to push the masses of ice to the shore," Huutonen explained.

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Säkylän Pyhäjärvellä jäät nousivat rantaan.
The ice piles at Eenokki, near the municipality of Säkylä. Image: Rauno Korhonen
"This often happens at this time of year on the shores of larger lakes and on the sea shore," Huutonen said, adding that there were gale force winds in the area over the weekend.

"In the Säkylä area, the strongest gusts were up to 17-18 metres per second," Huutonen said.

The phenomenon has captured the attention of people in the local area, with many sending photos of the formation to Yle. Check out the gallery below.

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