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Gender wage gap persists

A new survey by the private sector white-collar trade union Pro shows that an 8% gap in the wages and salaries paid to men and women has not changed for at least the past five years. In addition, it found that employers provide more training for men, even though women apply for training in greater numbers.

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Pro's chairman, Antti Rinne, says that it is "shameful" that there has been no progress whatsoever in equal pay. He stresses that any upcoming centralized labour market settlement should contain an agreement -- stated in euros or as a clear policy -- that at the very least, the gap will not be allowed to grow.

In addition to higher base pay, men tend to get higher bonuses than women do, on average, 200 euros more a year.

Even with the gender wage gap, this latest study by Pro indicates that there is no significant difference between how satisfied men and women are with their jobs.

More training for men

According to Pro, a key issue in promoting gender equality in the workplace is a more equal division of jobs and responsibilities. The gap is evident not only in pay, but also in power.

In the private sector, about 36% of men are in white-collar management positions. The corresponding figure for women is only 7%.

Employers also provide men with more training. On average, men get 2.7 days of training a year, women 2.39 days. This, despite the fact that women are more interested in training and seek out educational programmes outside the workplace nearly twice as often as do men.

In addition, women still feel that their skills are not used as fully as those of men by employers and that their influence in the workplace continues to be less than that of their male colleagues.

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