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Get out the sunscreen - Finland to warm up this weekend

Temperatures could hit 25 degrees Celsius in parts of Finland, says an Yle meteorologist.

lokki lentää sinisellä taivaalla
Clear skies are expected over most of Finland this weekend. Image: Esko Jämsä / AOP

Temperatures in southern and central Finland will likely breach 20 degrees Celsius on Friday and the weekend will be even warmer, according to Yle meteorologist Joonas Koskela.

"The air across Finland will gradually warm up and temperatures will rise across much of the country throughout the weekend. Each day will be warmer than the previous day. On Sunday temperatures in south-western areas could reach 25 degrees," Koskela said.

The meteorologist explained that a high pressure system has been building up in western Finland and will spread across the country towards the south-east on Friday. Meanwhile temperatures will rise and it will be mostly sunny, which will bring up temperatures even further.

Temperatures in northern Finland could reach 19 degrees on Saturday, when it will also likely be around 9 degrees in northern Finnish Lapland.

Winds subside, UV radiation goes up

"There will be very light winds across the majority of the country, but moderate wind is possible as well," Koskela explained, noting that the coast could be cooler than inland areas due to sea breezes.

Koskela said to expect moderate UV radiation levels from the sun in southern Finland.

"Remember to protect your skin [with sunblock or clothing] over the weekend if you're out in the sunny weather," he said.

But Koskela also said that the sunny, summer-like weather could get wetter after the weekend, saying that a low pressure system over western Europe could bring rain over southern and central areas of Finland at the beginning of next week.

Koskela said he doesn't think any heat records will be broken this weekend.

"The beginning of May has been very chilly and it's rained a lot in many areas. Forecasts also point to more rain [next week]," Koskela said.

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