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Good Blueberry and Mushroom Harvests on the Way

The recent warm weather has fattened blueberries and chanterelle mushrooms in the Finnish forests. They are already being harvested in some parts of southern Finland.

In central and northern areas, these wild delicacies will not be ready for picking until mid-July at the earliest.

The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) predicts that blueberries will be ripe throughout southern and central Finland by then, if the current summery weather continues.

The succulent soft fruit are already mature in open, sunny areas. On the fells of Finnish Lapland, blueberries are not expected to ripen until late July or early August.

Overall, the institute forecasts an above-average blueberry harvest. The lingonberry and cloudberry harvests are expected to be average to good, as is the wild mushroom crop.


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