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Government allocating 364m euros extra for roads

On Thursday, Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner announced which roads and highways in Finland would receive extra maintenance funding - and which projects would not. Finland's government is setting aside more than 360 million euros of extra funds towards national road improvements over the next few years.

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The Finnish government has decided to set aside some 364 million euros in supplemental funding towards the maintenance of roads, railways and waterways for the years of 2017 to 2019.

The funds will go toward many projects across the country, including towards the improvement of national road 1 - the highway between Turku and Helsinki.

The long national road 8, which spans more than 600 kilometres along the west coast from Turku nearly all the way up to Oulu, will receive improvements; including the widening and creation of more lanes.

Karjaa-Hanko rail electrification not on list

A discussed project to install electric rail equipment on tracks between Karjaa and Hanko in southern Finland was not on the list to receive funding.

Earlier this year several train routes were either eliminated or cut back, including a reduction in the number of daily trips on the Karjaa-Hanko rail line.

"That project is not forgotten, but there are no plans to finance the electrification of the [Hanko-Karjaa] line," Berner said at a press conference on Thursday.

Berner said the need to spend extra on improving traffic infrastructure was great.

"This additional funding will put us in a better position, but it's not entirely satisfactory," Berner said.

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