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Government seeks more money for Migri, police and NGOs

The cabinet wants extra funding to help speed up processing of immigration documents.

Maahanmuuttoviraston kyltti Helsingissä.
Under the proposal, the Finnish Immigration Service would get an extra two million euros next year. Image: Petteri Sopanen / Yle

The centre-left government on Thursday presented a wish list of additional appropriations as part of the supplementary budget for 2020. They include three million euros for police facilities, 2.4 million euros for the Emergency Services Academy and two million for the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).

Other planned spending boosts include 20 million euros for "development of continuous learning and know-how," which means more opportunities for adult education and keeping abreast with changes in working life.

The proposal was handed to Parliament on Thursday.

According to Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo, the two million euros in additional appropriation for Migri would be targeted to improving its electronic processing system to avoid delays, ensure judicial protection and guarantee that information systems remain up-to-date.

The extra money earmarked for the police is for upgrading facilities. There have been reports of air quality problems at many police stations and other official buildings.

"It is important that the police are able to work in healthy facilities that meet their needs," Ohisalo said on Thursday.

There are also proposals for supplementary funding for home services for military veterans as well as the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), various environmental and peace NGOs and for Lahti's year as European Green Capital in 2021.

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