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Govt earmarks €1m for Kuopio attack aftercare

One person was killed and ten were wounded during the attack at a Vocational School in Kuopio in early October.

Savon ammattiopiston tilat kauppakeskus Hermanissa olivat vielä suljettuna torstaina.
Police cordons at the scene of the attack at the Savo Vocational College in Herman shopping centre in Kuopio, Eastern Finland. Image: Timo Hartikainen / Lehtikuva

The government has included an additional 1 million euros in its supplementary budget to provide ongoing support to those affected by the Kuopio Vocational School attack in early October in which one person was killed and 10 were injured.

If the proposal is accepted when the budget is put to parliament in December, the Ministry of Education and Culture will receive 400,000 euros, while a further 600,000 euros will be allocated to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The government wants the money to be used to ensure that those whose lives and activities were affected by the tragedy receive the necessary psychological support and appropriate treatment.

"The goal is to restore mental balance and maintain working and functional capacity at the individual, family and community levels," the government press release stated.

The funding will be used to recruit psychological support professionals, ensure adequate services are provided in student and occupational health care, and increase the number of teaching staff and mentors.

The government further announced that any costs incurred by the Vocational School relating to be incident will be reimbursed.

One person was killed and 10 others were injured during the attack at Savo Vocational College, located in the premises of the Herman shopping centre in Kuopio, on October 1. Two people were seriously injured, one of them was the suspected attacker, who sustained injuries when he was shot in the leg by police.

The suspect, a Finnish student with no previous criminal record, has been arrested and is expected to face one murder charge and nine attempted murder charges.

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