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Grand Committee Approves Fertility Treatment Bill

The Grand Committee of Parliament has approved a bill allowing fertility treatments for single women and lesbian couples.

Amendments to the bill, proposed by Kimmo Sasi of the National Coalition Party and Christian Democrat Toimi Kankaanniemi, were rejected by the committee.

The matter had to go before the Grand Committee because the vote involved the rejection of a measure by the Legal Affairs Committee.

A full session of parliament is expected to approve the bill on Thursday.

Lack Of Egg Donors? A new law on fertility treatments may lead to a lack of egg donors. According to the newspaper Aamulehti, while the need for sperm donors is down, there is a growing need for human ova. Under the terms of new legislation, human sex cells can be used in fertility treatment only if the donor consents to his or her identity being revealed to the child.

Experts interviewed by Aamulehti say they believe that the law may discourage some potential donors.

In addition, there are concerns that many parents will not tell children that they were conceived with the aid of donated cells. The law says that if a child wishes to know the identity of biological parents, he or she has this right after the age of 18.

Annually, about 3000 children are born in Finland as the result of successful fertility treatments.

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