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Green League chides Coalition Party for only supporting the privileged

Green League chair Ville Niinistö unveiled the party's election platform on Saturday in Kouvola by saying basic social services should not be cut, but recommending an overhaul to the way they're implemented.

Ville Niinistö
Ville Niinistö Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

Green League chair Ville Niinistö has attacked the National Coalition Party’s policies by claiming the NCP only cares about its own vested interests.

Niinistö announced the Green League election platform in Kouvola on Saturday. He said the incumbent government has been in a nosedive after the Greens left government last autumn after government accepted changes to a new Fennovoima nuclear plant in North Ostrobothnia.

”The National Coalition-led government is weak because it is making decisions as if it were still in the opposition,” Niinistö said. “The NCP is the prime minister's party but talks only with the NCP’s voice. If the party in power launches a slogan saying that politics is broken, why hasn't it done anything to fix it while in power?”

The Green League is running on a platform of environmental responsibility, eradicating poverty, vouchsafing education and creating eco-friendly employment. The party did not announce any proposed budget cuts.

Niinistö expressed his satisfaction at the news that the Left Alliance and the Centre Party have both taken a stand for basic income or citizens’ pay, one of the Green League’s main priorities.

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