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Greens Accuse Speaker of Lobbying for Nuclear Industry

The Green League is accusing Speaker of Parliament Paavo Lipponen of abusing his position in order to lobby for the nuclear power industry.

Lipponen says the Greens’ accusations merely stem from their frustration that their anti-nuclear stance is in a minority in government.

The Greens' parliamentary group faction leader Heidi Hautala claims that Lipponen has repeatedly peppered his speeches with direct citations of documents written by the nuclear lobbyist European Atomic Forum, or Foratom.

She says his speech in Warsaw, Poland, a month ago was an example of how he has copies Foratom’s opinions into his speeches. Hautala says the Speaker's duties must be to represent the Parliament, and not lobby for the nuclear industry.

Lipponen says there is no conflict of interest in him speaking on the subject of nuclear power while on official visits.

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