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Greens Object to Day Care Proposals

Delegates to the Green League party conference in Espoo have been assessing their participation in the centre-right coalition government. Several senior party members have joined the chorus of opposition to government proposals over child day care charges.

Speaking at the conference, Parliamentary Group Leader Anne Sinnemäki said day care rights should also extend to students and to the children of unemployed people.

Party Chair Tarja Grönberg said a proposal on cuts had been put before the government's budget meeting on Wednesday without any prior discussion.

Although she criticised the lack of substance in the budget proposals on environmental issues and development aid, she praised rises in pensions and student benefits describing them as "victories." Tarja Cronberg is expected to be re-elected Chair of the Green League on Sunday.

Tougher Stance on Violence in the Home One of the party's cabinet representatives, Minister of Justice Tuija Brax has called for tougher measures to deal with violence in the home against children and women. She says the Ministry is considering a change to the law that would put physical abuse in the home at the same level in the eyes of the law as assault with a weapon, if the victim could clearly not defend themselves. YLE

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