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Guggenheim contest winner announced

The long-running Guggenheim saga took another step forward on Tuesday morning, when the winner of an architectural competition was announced. The winning entry is from a Parisian practice.

Visualisointi GH-04380895 -rakennuksesta.
Image: Moreau Kusunoki Architect, Guggenheim Helsinki

Some 1,700 entries from 77 countries which were considered before the remaining six finalists for the Guggenheim Helsinki museum design contest were announced last year.

The entry that won over the Guggenheim jury was "Art in the City" by the French firm Moreau Kusunoki Architects.

If the Helsinki Guggenheim project does become a reality, Art in the City would transform the southern Helsinki harbour substantially.

The design features open park spaces and several pavilions anchored by a tower, which has been called a lighthouse by some. Jury chair Mark Wigley said that while the architects have been found, discussion about what the end result would look like has only just begun.

"New ideas from the Guggenheim will emerge, new ideas from Helsinki will emerge," said Mark Wigley, who chaired the jury, who also lauded the public involvement in the contest.

Funding for the project, however, is still open. The local council has not yet confirmed its contribution, and the government has not discussed financing the new museum or its running costs.

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