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Halla-aho to Chair Committee in Charge of Immigration

The True Finns party has nominated candidates to chair several parliamentary committees. Jussi Halla-aho, who has sternly criticised immigration, is to chair the Administration Committee, the responsibilities of which include immigration policies.

Jussi Halla-aho
Jussi Halla-aho Image: YLE

Statements on Halla-aho’s blog about Somali immigrants brought him charges of inciting racial hatred in 2009, which were later dismissed, and a fine for defaming religion.

Issues regarding police, rescue services and border guard also lie within the sphere of the Administration Committee.

True Finns’ leader Timo Soini is set to lead the Foreign Affairs Committee. The Defence Committee chairmanship will go to Jussi Niinistö.

These nominations may change if any of the candidates become government ministers.

Additionally, the True Finns have selected their candidate for the second Deputy Speaker of Parliament—Anssi Joutsenlahti. He served as an MP for the True Finns’ predecessor, the Rural Party (SMP), in 1979-1987.

True Finns to Lead Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee

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