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HDTV taking off

Television in Finland is set to make the transition to high definition technology by the year 2026. The government is currently considering a report outlining a transition schedule for electronic media. Pay channels will switch over to the new technology in about four years. A license for a new digital HDTV multiplex was issued on Thursday.

Ylen eri kanavia taulu-tv-laitteissa
Image: YLE

The licence issued to the broadcast network operator Digita is for a multiplex that will focus on developing HDTV services. Digita already operates five UHF multiplexes.

The terms of the licence obligates Digita to have the new network in operation with coverage of no less that 60% of the population of mainland Finland by the end of next year.

Viewing broadcasts carried by the new network will require high definition sets or adapters for other HDTV-ready digital TV receivers.

The government also approved a change in the ownership of Digita on Thursday. The company has been taken over from the French TDF Group by Suomi Broadcast Networks. This company, in turn, is owned by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

The price of the deal has not been announced.

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