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Heat poised for Midsummer comeback

The Finnish Meteorological Institute is forecasting the arrival of warm southerly air currents in Finland by the end of the week. Southern and southeast Finland in particular look set to enjoy a scorching Midsummer weekend.

Kokko meren rannalla.
The Finnish Meteorological Institute says southern and southeastern Finland will bask in warm weather come Midsummer weekend. Image: Rinna Härkönen / Yle

If there’s no cloud cover, the Midsummer weekend will be especially balmy and even hot in southern and southwestern Finland with temperatures expected to reach up to 30 degrees Celsius.

Forecasts are projecting that warm air currents from the south will banish the slight chill currently prevailing in the south.

Meteorologist Eerik Saarikalle of the Finnish Meteorological Institute warned however that forecasts will become more unreliable from Thursday onwards.

Conditions going into the week will remain unsettled and somewhat on the cool side. However from Tuesday conditions in the south and west will warm up, with temperatures climbing back up to a summery 20 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu will remain chilly.

Thursday is forecast to be cloudier with some showers, but this will be a temporary setback for sun worshippers as the heat will prevail once more on Friday.

The meteorologist said that by Midsummer at least, the nights will be the first to warm up.

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