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Heavy snowfall plunges thousands of households in darkness

Some 9,000 customers were affected by the power cuts but power companies were able to restore electricity to all but some 1,600 households by Sunday.

Lunta sähkölinjalla.
Image: Tommi Parkkinen / Yle

Heavy snow flurries through Saturday disrupted power supplies in many parts of the country.

Altogether some 9,000 households found themselves in the dark after the whiteout. However repair crews working through the night were able to reduce the number of affected households to around 1,600.

One of the worst-hit areas was in North Karelia, where project manager Jukka Leppänen of PKS power distribution company said that some 1,600 customers were still without power.

"Of course the weather conditions have been very challenging. There will be more disruptions as long as the snow continues. When we fix some lines, new problems keep turning up," Leppänen explained.

He noted that repair crews had been on duty throughout the weekend and were still on the job.

"Thick snow is making it difficult to move about in the field. We have been working in the dark as well, but repairing flaws at that time is slow," he added.

According to Leppänen, customers were worst hit in Lieksa, Nurmes, Juua and Eno, all in eastern Finland.

"Some of the power blackouts have been long. Occasionally we have been able to restore power but then new outages have occurred. There certainly have been some hours-long disruptions."

The power company spokesman said that the snowy conditions are expected to let up around 5.00pm on Sunday, which will help ease the situation.

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