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Helsinki amusement park ride still closed after girl's mysterious fall

A 9-year-old girl fell from Linnanmäki's "Octopus" ride on Monday, resulting in surgery for a fractured elbow.

Linnanmäen Mustekala-laite
Linnanmäki's "Octopus" ride. Image: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva

A 9-year-old girl suffered a fractured elbow requiring immediate surgery after falling off the Mustekala (Octopus) ride at Helsinki's amusement park Linnanmäki on Monday.

Linnanmäki CEO Pia Adlivankin said she spoke with the girl’s father who reported his daughter was out of the hospital and headed home on Tuesday.

Adlivankin said the ride in question has been thoroughly checked, but no technical faults were found on the machine.

Mustekala will be closed until we know what happened or until we can improve safety. It will be closed for at least the rest of the week,” Adlivankin said.

What caused the accident remains a mystery, and no eyewitnesses to the incident have been found, Adlivankin said.

”Even though the ride was surrounded by a lot of people and many were on the ride itself, nobody actually saw what happened. But the reality is that a child fell from the ride and that is very worrying. We are taking it very seriously,” she said.

According to Adlivankin, workers are looking at different ways to improve safety on the multi-armed contraption, saying the park is weighing whether to install seatbelts on the ride.

”We have a very well trained staff who check the rides every morning before the park opens. We fully believe that we have the best rides available from manufacturers. We never buy used equipment,” Adlivankin said.

”Every ride is examined and we discuss what can be done to make the rides even safer,” she said.

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