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Helsinki burglary suspects arrested on Poland-Ukraine border

Police said the three suspects were behind at least 14 home burglaries in the capital region this year.

Poliisi epäilee, että tämä oranssi Lego-Porsche on varastettu suomalaislapselta.
One of the items that helped authorities to determine that was stolen propertyincluded a Porsche model made out of Lego bricks that belongs to a child. Image: Helsingin poliisilaitos

Authorities in Poland have arrested three people suspected of carrying out more than a dozen home burglaries in the Helsinki area, according to Helsinki police.

The suspects were detained as they attempted to cross the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Helsinki police department's cross-border crime investigators looked into a number of burglaries that took place in the area during late January and early February.

The suspects managed to leave Finland before local authorities could catch them. However they were detained on 3 February at Poland's border crossing to Ukraine with the help of vehicle registration plate information provided by members of the public.

Two of the suspects were extradited to Finland on 25 February while the third is scheduled to arrive later this week.

Before their arrest, Police authorities searched the suspects' vehicle, finding a large amount of different types of personal property. Further investigations have already identified items - including jewellery -- that were taken during at least three robberies around Finland's capital area.

One of the items found in the suspects' vehicle that was confirmed stolen in a burglary of a lawyer's apartment included a Porsche model made out of Lego bricks that belongs to a child.

Helsinki police have requested that the suspects' vehicle and its contents be impounded and sent to Finland. Police said they hope to be able to return the recovered items to their rightful owners later this spring.

Police inspector Pertti Soveliuksen said that the most common items stolen in household burglaries are valuable, such as cash, electronic devices and jewellery, which are easy for burglars to take and sell.

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