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Helsinki care home sees 28 Covid infections

Seven members of staff have also tested positive.

Kontulan senioritalo ja pyörätuoli
The City of Helsinki has offered support to residents and staff at the Lauttasaari home. Image: Janne Järvinen / Yle

An assisted-living home for older people in Helsinki has recorded a total of 28 Covid-19 cases among residents, and seven among staff.

Over the weekend all residents at the home were tested, and the home is now quarantined as a precautionary measure with no visits allowed.

The municipality of Helsinki has arranged for doctors and nursing staff to attend the home.

"We have cooperated closely with the Lauttasaari care home, so that residents can get the services they need," said Maritta Haavisto, Helsinki's head of services in the district. "We have also helped in every way we can to ensure that coronavirus infections don't spread further."

The average age of residents at the home is 87. They rent their flats and use services provided by the home's staff while trying to lead as independent a life as possible.

"I'm really sorry about what's happened," said the home's Managing Director, Saija Toropainen. "Normally residents move about and take care of things for themselves outside the home. Now we've been forced to limit that and visits to residents' flats are not possible."

The home is operated by a private foundation, with just over half the residents using care vouchers from the city of Helsinki to pay for services received.

Meanwhile, seven more cases at senior care facilities in neighbouring Espoo were also announced on Monday.

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