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Helsinki City Board votes against government daycare limitation

A proposal to delimit daycare availability was overturned in the Helsinki City Board at a vote of 9-6 on Monday. The Board thus took a stand against the government's proposal to do away with the so-called subjective daycare privilege and to increase daycare group sizes.

Franzenian päiväkoti Helsingissä
Helsinki has said "no" to revoking families' daycare rights and increasing group sizes. Image: Yle: Antti Kolppo

The government proposal to delimit daycare has been overturned by the Helsinki City Board with a 9-6 vote against. In doing so the City Board took a stand against the government's plans to get rid of Finland's subjective daycare privilege – which grants parents the right to choose the form of their toddler's form of daycare, whether it is home care or in a municipal or private daycare centre – and a move to increase group sizes.

The parties that voted against the limitations were the Social Democratic Party, the Left Alliance, the Green League and the Swedish People's Party. Those who voted for them were the National Coalition Party, the Centre Party and the Finns Party.

"I believe as my party believes that it is not sensible to limit daycare rights," says Marcus Rantala of the Swedish People's Party. "It would increase bureaucracy, bring only minimal savings and make life difficult for many families with children."

The government has estimated savings for the measures as bringing in 17 million euros a year. The final decision on the proposal comes from the government.

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