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Helsinki expanding eastwards

A green light for a new zoning plan is expected to create homes in Östersundom for up to 100,000 residents.

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Östersundom covers an area of 44.5 km2.

The Finnish capital's expansion eastwards is now set to begin, following the approval of a new zoning plan for the area of Östersundom by the Helsinki city council on Wednesday evening.

The plan, worked out in cooperation with the neighbouring municipalities of Vantaa and Sipoo, envisages the construction of housing, both high-rise and single-family dwellings, for as many as 100,000 residents. There are also areas zoned for recreation and as nature preserves.

Metro a condition

While the zone plan has city council approval, it carries the condition of a binding commitment to extend Helsinki's Metro commuter rail system into Östersundom before construction works begin.

Zoning plans for an eastward expansion of the city limits have been under study since 2014.

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