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Helsinki fashions in international spotlight

Unique looks sported by some Helsinki residents will go on display in Belgium on Friday. Over 80 photos from the Hel Looks street fashion blog will feature in an exhibition in Antwerp.

Blogger Liisa Jokinen reports on Helsinki street fashion, always finding new styles to showcase. Her Hel Looks blog draws some 10,000 daily viewers—and a whopping two thirds of them from beyond Finland.

“People abroad feel that Finns have a unique way of dressing,” Jokinen says. “We have the ability to be individual and, at our best, we are quite brave in the way we dress.”

Jokinen has been blogging interesting styles in the Hel Looks blog for six years together with Sampo Karjalainen. The blog currently features some 1,200 photos, and an exhibition in Antwerp will open on Friday in conjunction with a Finnish fashion pop-up shop.

“The best Hel Looks styles are walking art objects,” Jokinen says.

She plans to carry on with the project for a long time to come.

“The longer we can keep on photographing fashion and taking Helsinki street shots, the more valuable single pictures will become,” she notes. “Then it will be visible how the style of Helsinki residents has changed over the years.”

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