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Helsinki maternity hospital rents out entire floor of hotel for mothers and newborns

Starting in October, new mothers will have the option of caring for their newborns in hotel rooms rather than on hospital wards. The new arrangement is being piloted by the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District HUS, which has rented 20 rooms on an entire floor of the Cumulus City hotel in Meilahti - offering a family-friendly neo-natal environment.

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Image: Timo Leponiemi / Yle

HUS has rented out an entire floor to provide new mothers with rooms to begin caring for their newborn babies. The Cumulus hotel floor will provide 20 rooms for post-natal care starting from October this year.

The hospital district hopes that some mothers who have given birth normally at Helsinki’s Women's Clinic, Naistenklinikka, will be able to move from the neo-natal ward to the hotel rooms with their families, located right around the corner.

Before moving to the hotel, mothers and newborns will be under observation for roughly six hours so that hospital officials can ensure that they are in good health.

HUS said that it wants to use the patient hotel to refine a model where families can actively care for newborns themselves in a pleasant environment and get to know their new family member in private. Mothers' partners or other individuals providing support will also be able to overnight at the hotel rooms.

Same cost as hospital stay

The hotel will be staffed with 24-hour nursing staff, who will be on hand to provide advice and assistance when needed before returning home. Pediatricians will also check babies to clear them to go to their new family homes.

Mothers will typically be able to spend 1 – 2 days in the hotel and they will be charged roughly the same fee that they would pay if they stayed on a hospital ward.

HUS is expecting an increase in the number of women giving birth at the Women's Clinic, as it abandoned the Kätilöopisto Maternity Hospital across town due to poor air quality.

In mid-August, Yle also reported on poor air quality at the Women's Clinic, but last week HUS announced that there were no significant air quality problems at the institution. Hospital staff have accused officials of covering up the matter.

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