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Helsinki Promises to Clear Snow Clogged Streets

The City of Helsinki is to provide extra funding to recruit additional labour to help clear snow from its streets. More temporary residential parking places will be set up to help facilitate snow clearance.

Nainen vetää lastenrattaita suojatiellä. Kaksi muuta jalankulkijaa ylittää myös suojatietä joulukuun aurinkoisena päivänä.
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The company responsible for keeping city centre streets clean, Stara, will be allowed to recruit extra employees and employ additional equipment. City employees will also be engaged in the task

Work will start on Monday with efforts to clean snow from streets served by public transport within a week. Side streets will be cleared thereafter.

City of Helsinki Deputy Mayor, Pekka Sauri, said a price tag could not yet be put on the emergency operation.

Following the decision, the city is to set up additional landfill sites for the snow on shores and on empty construction sites.

City residents will only be given very short notice when to move vehicles in order to permit passage of snow clearing vehicles.

The City of Helsinki has borne the brunt of several blizzards in the past few weeks. These have dumped a blanket of snow with a record depth of over 50 centimetres in places.

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