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Helsinki rail service changes as of Wednesday

Certain trains won't travel all the way to Helsinki Central Station, terminating service at Pasila Station instead.

Lähijuna Pasilan asemalla.
Many trains will terminate at Pasila Station instead of running through to Helsinki. Image: Petra Thilman / Yle

There are changes to train services in Helsinki on Wednesday owing to track improvement work between the Pasila and Helsinki Central railway stations.

Some I- and P-trains on the western branch of the ring rail line will not travel all the way to Helsinki, and will terminate at the Pasila station. Changes will also affect trains heading to the airport via Myyrmäki and those returning via Myyrmäki to Helsinki.

The A- and L-trains will not stop at Ilmala station and the time between trains will increase to 30 minutes.

Similar traffic changes took place on the main track for trains coming and going to Kerava, but those are now complete. According to Joona Packalén of HSL, the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority, travellers quickly got accustomed to temporary new schedules on the Kerava line while work was underway.

He recommends those who use the P-, I-, L- and A-trains to be prepared and check the new schedule on HSL’s Journey Planner.

Changes will be in place until 4 August 2018. More details including a handy chart are available in English at the HSL website

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