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Helsinki taxi service looking for buyer

New taxi laws due to take effect from 1 July will open up the market to greater competition and will also see the return of the ride-hailing service Uber.

Takseja Helsingin rautatieasemalla
Image: Antti Kolppo / Yle

Taksi Helsinki, the capital city taxi service owned by more than 1,000 taxi providers, has decided to sell off its business operations.

Chief executive Jari Kantonen told the Finnish news agency STT that the decision came after a general meeting on Wednesday. However he did not disclose a possible selling price or buyer for the proposed transaction.

Taksi Helsinki operates across the entire capital region and is the country’s largest taxi brokerage firm. According to the tabloid daily Iltalehti, which first reported on the proposed sale, the decision was prompted by reformed taxi laws due to come into effect from 1 July.

The reform will open up the market to greater competition, including relaxed rules on obtaining taxi driver’s licenses and will also see the return of the global ride-hailing service Uber.

In an interview with IL, Kantonen denied claims that the firm specifically wanted to target overseas buyers. However the organisation reportedly wants a new owner capable of ensuring service for customers across the country.

IL disclosed that the decision to sell was backed by some 60 percent of shareholders.

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