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Helsinki World's 6th Most Expensive City

In a comparison of 30 of major cities around the world, Helsinki ranks as the sixth most expensive when measured by the price of consumer products, according to the price comparison service Pricerunner.

Hedelmillä on K-ryhmän kaupoissa vain yksi hinta.
Hedelmillä on K-ryhmän kaupoissa vain yksi hinta. Image: YLE/ Outi Pukkila

Visitors to Oslo, Sao Paolo and Sydney are most likely to encounter the highest prices. Meanwhile those looking to stretch vacation budgets should plan holidays to Mumbai, Bangkok or San Francisco.

Pricerunner’s study focused on the price of goods and services. Items under scrutiny ranged from vodka to nappies.

The Nordic capitals all ranked in the expensive range, while Vilnius, Prague and Budapest are Europe’s most affordable cities, according to Pricerunner.

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