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Helsinki's Public Transport Ranked Best in Europe

A European Commission Eurobarometer ranks Helsinki's public transport system the best in Europe.

Nine out of ten of local residents say they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with public transport in the capital.

In addition to Helsinki, the top-ranked public transport systems in Europe are to be found in Vienna, the French city of Rennes, in Hamburg and in Munich.

The European Commission's study interviewed nearly 38 000 people in 75 European cities. In Finland, Helsinki and Oulu were included in the opinion survey.

Oulu placed second in Europe when people were asked how safe people feel in their hometowns. Nearly every Oulu resident interviewed said he or she felt mostly safe. Only the Danish city of Aalborg ranked higher in terms the sense of security felt by residents.

Other cities in the Nordic region were highly ranked as well, with Helsinki seen as the seventh safest city in Europe.


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