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High winds overnight threaten trees and power lines in the west

A storm front will cross over Finland between Sunday night and Monday morning, bringing dangerously high winds to many areas along the western coast.

talvimyrskyn maisema Puruvedellä
Image: Paavo Koponen / Yle

A winter storm will move across Finland overnight, entering Finland along the western coast from northern Sweden and moving southeast across the country by the morning.

"A low-pressure front will speed quickly over central and southern areas towards the southeast. Sunday night will bring very strong winds which should pass by Monday morning," says Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen.

Winds of up to 23 metres per second are forecast for over the Bothnia Sea, while gusts over land in western and southern regions may reach 20 metres per second in places. The western coastal regions of Southwest Finland and Satakunta will the hardest hit.

"The ground there is wet and not frozen, so it's possible that the tempest will blow over some trees and cause power blackouts," Huutonen warns.

While the short winter storm will be severe, it will not bring very much snow; Huutonen predicts five centimetres at most.

Weather conditions will remain relatively windy on Monday, making the new freezing temperatures along the coasts seem even colder.

The weather is predicted to stay dry and cold for the beginning of the week, which means that southern Finland will finally get a taste of thermal winter after a very mild and rainy start to the season.

The official definition of a thermal winter in meteorological circles is a period when the average round-the-clock temperature stays below the freezing point.

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