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Hockey player accepts fine in assault case

Semir Ben-Amor, the Jokerit player convicted of assault after a hit on HIFK rival Ville Peltonen, has not appealed the verdict.

Semir Ben-Amor
Semir Ben-Amor will not challenge his assault conviction. Image: Tomi Hänninen

The September 1 incident, at a pre-season European Trophy match, prompted lengthy suspensions for players and coaches from both teams, discussion in parliament and press commentary on hockey violence.

Ben-Amor was banned for 18 games, Jokerit were fined 40,000 euros and HIFK 25,000 euros.

In addition, Ben-Amor was given an income-based fine of 3,540 euros at Helsinki district court after the prosecutor decided to press charges. The player said that he acted alone, without instructions from his coaches.

The court secretary confirmed to Yle that neither Ben-Amor nor the prosecutor will appeal that verdict.

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