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Holiday Club time-share firm looks to India for new business

Finnish timeshare resort company Holiday Club is looking forward to welcoming customers from India, following an orientation visit by Indian travel agents.

Holiday Club Saimaa Aleksanteri sali ulkoa
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The resort chain Holiday Club says it is looking forward to welcoming visitors from India to stay at its holiday homes in Saimaa, south-east Finland, in the near future.

"We expect the first group as early as this winter," said Holiday Club’s head of spa unit, Marko Hiltunen.

He said that travel agents from India have visited Finland and provided positive feedback on the destination.

"The reception has been extremely good. They see the potential in Finland. Finland’s advantages are cleanliness, peacefulness and safety [and] the quality services we have in places like Saimaa," Hiltunen added.

The holiday chain is also expecting to host a group of Indian journalists this autumn and winter.

Indian co-owners to add impetus

Back in 2014, the Indian tourism company Mahindra Holidays and Resorts invested 13 million euros for a 20-percent stake in Holiday Club’s operations. One year later it topped up its holdings to become the Finnish firm’s majority owner.

With an expansive travel and timeshare network in India, Mahindra Holidays is one of Asia’s largest timeshare companies and part of the global Mahindra group of industries. Both companies are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Holiday Club is hoping that the cooperation will ensure a stream of Indian tourists coming to Finland.

"Mahindra itself has some 200,000 families who own week-long timeshares. Apart from this the Mahindra Group has several companies whose employees we are trying to bring to Finland," Hiltunen commented.

Holiday Club operates an extensive network of hotels, spas, holiday homes and apartments in Finland and Sweden.

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